Help Finder - How to use

The Farmers Forum Help Finder is an online tool for Aussie Farmers and Workers to get in contact with one Another and Make the process of Work/Help Finding easier.

Below is a step by step Guide to use the Help Finder.

Log In/Sign Up

To use the Help Finder you first need to log in or sign up.

On Desktop this can be found on the top right of your screen.

On Mobile or Tablet, clicking the Menu button on the top left, then pressing the plus sign will bring you to the log in/sign up page.

Creating a Post

The Help Finder takes the User's Posts, and Places them on the map, for other users to see. However they cannot access your Contact information unless you send them an offer.

To Create a Post, First Open the Menu in the Top Left corner of the Help Finder.

Next, Click the Create New Post button Found on the top right corner of the Home Menu page, and in My Posts Menu page.

Next, Click the Create New Post button Found on the top right corner of the Home Menu page, and in My Posts Menu page. Here, you will select whether you are looking for Work, or Looking for Help, then brought to the My Post screen where you can add your information.

A post is made up of:

  • A Title - Required.

  • Your Name - Required.

  • Current address or Worksite Address - Required. (Clicking Find Location will Find your Approximate Co-ordinates)

  • Your Contact Details - Required.

  • Additional Information - Optional.

  • A Picture - Optional.

Once You have put in the required information, you can click the Post Button to submit your post. You will now be visible on the Heat-Map AND searchable for others.

Searching the Help Finder

To Search the Help Finder, all you need to do is click the Search Button after you have posted yourself on it.

Once the Search is complete, the results will be shown on the Help Finder as green Markers. These Markers shows 6 of the nearest Posts for the Category you are looking for.

You can switch between displaying the Heat-Map and Search Results by the buttons on the top right of the Help Finder Map.

Sending an Offer

To send an offer, you must open the search result, which can be Brought up by clicking the Green Search result marker on the Map, OR​ by selecting the result from the search results table in the Home Menu page.

Click the Send Offer Button.

The Offer will already be populated with the information you have input in your Post, however you can make changes to the information in your offer by clicking the Edit button.

When you are happy with your Offer, simply click send and the offer will be sent!

Note: Sending an offer will delete the Search Result.

Accepting an Offer

You can view the offers sent to you in the Help Finder Offers table in the Home Menu page.

Clicking on the listed Offers will bring up the information within that Offer, and it will include the Sender's contact details.

From this Point forward, it is up to the Recipient to get into contact with the sender to discuss and work out terms of Employment.


You can Delete your Posts, Search Results and offers sent to you at any time, by simply bringing them up and clicking the Delete Button.

To Access your Posts to both delete and edit, Enter the My Posts Menu page. If Your post is Looking for Help, select the individual post via the table. If your post is Looking for Work, click the edit button underneath your post shown on the left.

If there are any further questions or problems, you can post a question on the Help section of our Forum, or Contact Us, and you will be answered when a chance is given.

Please use the Farmers Forum Help Finder Responsibly.