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The Farmers Forum Help Finder is a tool for Aussie Farmers and Workers to get in contact with one Another for work/help purposes.

Follow these Instructions to learn how to use and post to the Help Finder.

Log In/Sign Up

To use the Help Finder you first need to log in or sign up.


On Desktop this can be found on the top right of your screen.

On Mobile or Tablet, clicking the Menu button on the top left, then pressing the plus sign will bring you to the log in/sign up page.

Creating a Post

The Help Finder takes the user's posts, and places them on the map, for other users to see. However they cannot access your post unless you manually accept their offer.

To Create a post, click on the menu on the top left of the map. The menu's position will be the same no matter the device you are using.

The My Information menu will be opened. Here you will find all the different elements of your post.

You must add a Title, your Name, your contact Number, whether you are looking for Work or Workers, and finally, Your Current address or Worksite Address.


  • The Address used WILL NOT be displayed to another user under any circumstances (unless you show them), it is only used to gather Coordinates for the map.

  • The name used can be a Nickname, it is there to identify you on the map to others in their searches.

  • Additional information is OPTIONAL, but Recommended.

  • Contact number is not limited to just numbers, if you are hard to contact by phone, you can put your email address down too.

Once you have put in your information, click the Submit button to be displayed as a Heat-Map-Marker on the map.

Searching the Help Finder

To Search the Help Finder, all you need to do is click the Search button after you have posted yourself on it.

Once the search is complete, the results will be shown on the Help Finder as green Markers. These markers show up to 10 of the nearest Users that have Posted for the Category you are looking for. 


You can switch between displaying the Heat-Map and Search results by the buttons on the top right. of the Help Finder.

Sending an Offer

There are two ways to send an offer to the User in a Search Result.

The First is by going into the Search Results via the menu, and clicking on a listed search result. This will display that user's post's Title, Name, Approximate Distance from you, as well as any additional information they have supplied. You can find a button there that will send them an offer.

The Second is by Clicking on one of the Search Result Markers on the map. This will open a popup which will display the Title, Name and Approximate Distance from you. Clicking Open Info will bring up all of the Search Results Information. You will also find a button that will send them an offer.

Accepting an Offer

You can View the offers sent to you through Both the My Offers menu page, and the offers widget located on the bottom right of all screens on desktop. 

Clicking on the listed Offers will Bring up all the same information as Search results do, As well as the Contact information of its Sender. 

From this point on, the Help Finders role is finished, as you can get into contact with the Farmer or Worker and discuss with one another.

Please use the Help Finder Responsibly.


You can Delete your Information, Search Results, and Offers sent to you at any time.

To Delete:

  • Your information's Delete Button can be found on your My Information menu page.

  • Search Results can be Deleted by entering the individual Search Results. Any Search Results you have prior to Searching will also be deleted, after agreeing to the prompt that will pop up on screen when attempting to do so.

  • Offers can be Deleted by entering the individual offers either through the My Offers menu page, or through the My Offers widget on the bottom right on desktop.

If there are any further questions or problems, you can post a question on the Help section of our Forum, or Contact Us, and you will be answered when a chance is given.

Please use the Farmers Forum Help Finder Responsibly.


Help Finder's Legend

Your Marker - Where you are on the Help Finder Map.

Workers Heat Map - Shows people looking for Workers on the map, changing colour according to how many there are.

Work Heat Map - Shows people looking for Work on the map, changing colour according to how many there are.

Search Result Marker - Shows the location/s of your search Results, closest to you on the map.

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