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Help Finder - How to use

Note: Markers and Heatmaps shown on maps below are all test accounts, and are not representing actual users. 

When you first visit the Help Finder, it will look like this for Desktop:

The Help Finder's Legend can be found at the bottom of this page.

And like this for phone:

To use the Help Finder you first need to log in or sign up. Clicking the Menu button on the top left will bring you to the log in/sign up page.

Once you are logged in, more buttons will show up on your map.

Clicking the Menu button on the top left of the screen will bring up the Menu.

If you want to place yourself on the Help Finder, you must fill in your name, contact number, current or work site address and click whether you are looking for Work or workers before pressing Submit. Additional information or requirements are Optional, but recommended. 

Note: Your current address IS recorded but not shown to other users, it is used to generate co-ordinates to add you to the Map.

Delete Data removes your Data submitted to the Help Finder. This will remove your data but not any Offers received OR Search results you may have.

After Submitting your Information, you can then Exit the Menu by clicking the Exit button on the bottom left of the Menu. 

You can now Search for others also using the Help Finder.

By pressing Search, the Help Finder will search your surroundings to bring you back the Information of up to 20 of the closest Help Finder users. Information will include their given name, appox. distance from your marker and the optional additional information.

Search Results can be viewed by the Menu, in the Search Results tab on the left.

If you have Search Results, they will be displayed on this table, listing Name, Distance and a brief bit of the optional Additional Info submitted.

Clicking the Row of a table brings up the specific information of an individual search result, as well as the options to Send Offer to the individual, or Remove Listing to delete this Search Result listing.

By Hitting the Send Offer button, you will send your information to the other party, this time including your contact number so that you can be contacted by them.

The My Offers tab is similar to the search results tab, except it shows offers personally sent to you. Upon clicking a row here, you will be shown the Name, Distance from you, Additional information AND contact number of the person who sent you the offer. The Help Finders service ends here, and you can then call them and discuss in more detail.

Help Finder's Legend

Your Marker - Where you are on the Help Finder Map.

Workers Heat Map - Shows people looking for Workers on the map, changing colour according to how many there are.

Work Heat Map - Shows people looking for Work on the map, changing colour according to how many there are.

Search Result Marker - Shows the location/s of your search Results, closest to you on the map.

If there are any further questions or problems, you can post a question on the Help section of our Forum and you will be answered when a chance is given.

Please use the Help Finder Responsibly.