Farm Help Finder - Information

What is it?

The Farm Help Finder is a map service that farmers and people looking for work can post on, and find what they are seeking Quickly and easily, without the costs of Employment agencies and the lack of privacy of social media!

How does it Work?

The Farm Help Finder takes a Users address with their Work or Help post, and puts it on the map!

Users can then search for the closest users to them on the map, and view their posts, as well as send them offers for Work.

After receiving an offer, it is up to the User to decide to accept the offer and get in touch to work out the details, without an often expensive middle man!

Farm Help Finder is Quick!

Often people only have a window of free time open in their schedules.

Farm Help Finder allows for people to quickly find what they need, no fuss!

Farm Help Finder is FREE to use!

Users don't have to spend a cent to earn money, or to recruit much needed and often urgent help!

Your Privacy Matters!

Keep your Information out of the hands of Third Parties!

The Farm Help Finder doesn't display your address or contact information in your Posts, only showing your contact information to users you send offers to.


There are Limits imposed on users of the Help Finder based on the average number of weekly users.

This is to make sure that it remains fast and stable as traffic increases.

Limits will Reset Weekly Based on the Help Finder's Weekly users.

For any Questions or concerns, Contact Us