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        You can post the work you have going and your availability to work by logging in/signing up, setting your details via the profile menu on the top left corner of the map, then clicking the new post button (looks like a plus sign) which shows up afterwards.

        Then, you only have to wait for others to send you an offer, We will notify you via email! You can also send another person an offer from their post on the map. To see our quick start guide, Click Here!

        For Icons & buttons and what they do, expand the section below.

Icons & Buttons

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Looking For Work Example

Looking for Work Posts

Looking For Help Example

Looking for Help Posts


You can use the menu button to set the name, contact information and address that you will be using to post from. Other Buttons will be shown when you have set this information.

If you are not logged in, this will be a login button.

My Posts

Visible if you have a post.

Shows all of your current posts, which can be accessed to edit and remove them.


Visible if you have received an offer.

Shows all of your current received offers. Click on one to access the offer in full, accept or reject an offer.

New Post

Visible when you have set your details in the profile menu.

The new post button will show you a simple form that you can use to post your farm work or help requests. 

Home Marker

This is the marker that displays your set home address. 

Search Results (disabled)

The Search Results Button will display the results of your latest search, which you can click on to bring up that results post in full.

You can send offers from those individual results posts to their owners..

Search (disabled)
My Work

Visible if you have accepted an offer or if your offer has been accepted.


The My Work button shows all of your active My Work sessions. Pressing on one brings it up on screen.

It contains both parties contact information, as well as a private chat room where you can discuss terms. The employer can set the general terms, and the worker can accept or reject the job.

Here you can set search parameters before searching the database of posts for matching posts nearest you.

The results will be displayed on the map as green markers, which you can click on, OR alternatively you can access them in your search results menu.

For a step by step text guide, click here

We also have a video tutorial below. 

How do I Log In/Sign Up?

You can log in/sign up by pressing on the empty profile picture or the "Log in or Sign up" text, both displayed on the help finder when you are not logged in. You can also log in at the top of the screen on any page of Farmers Forum, in the header's menu.

We also have a Quick Start guide available here.

I have signed up, where are the buttons?

After setting your details up in the profile menu (tap on your profile picture in the top left of the map), all of the other buttons will appear.

If they do not, try refreshing the page.

NOTE: The search-related buttons have been disabled until we have enough regular posts made to warrant their use.

I Want work/I have Jobs available, How do I post?

First, Log in and set up your details in your profile by clicking on your profile picture on the top left of our Help Finder.

Then, click the "new post" button directly under your profile picture (looks like a plus sign), And you will be guided through the process of posting either looking for work or looking for workers.

we also have a Quick Start Guide available here.

The map won't work for me. Is there something I can do?

please turn off Adblockers and popup blockers on Farmers Forum, we don't use Ads or Ad popups, but our Help Finder uses a popup to load its menu's. 

Javascript must also be enabled for our map to load. 

If the Help Finder still won't work for you; message us, post on our forum or send us an email and we will try to help you.

Please post all your questions and problems on our forum.