Help Finder Guide

Updated 20/7/2021


The Farm Help Finder is the free online tool that you can use to find the work or workers you are looking for, closest to you.

Here is our guide to give you what you need to best use our help finder. Click on the topics below to expand and collapse those sections.

Alternatively, you can see our video tutorial by following this link:

This section covers everything about how you use the help finder map, including moving the map, icons, logging in, and more.

Moving The Map

The Help Finder map can be moved by clicking/touching and dragging.

You can also zoom in and out by scrolling your mouse wheel on the computer, or by dragging two fingers apart and back together on your smart device.


Heatmaps and markers are displayed on the map where you or others have posted their work requests. they are:

Looking for help -


Looking for Work -


The Heatmap changes into a solid marker when you zoom in on one. You can click on these markers to view information about that post, as long as you are logged in.

If you have found posts using the search function of the help finder, you will see a search result marker as well as buttons appearing, used to switch between your search results and the heatmap views.

Search Result -

Heatmap View Selector.jpg

(Searching is currently not enabled. It will come back when there are enough active users.)

You can click/press on the logo located in the bottom right corner of the help finder to go back to the farmers forum home page.

Logging In/Signing Up

Logging in and signing up can both be done by clicking on the empty profile picture on the top left hand corner of the help finder.

empty profile.PNG

You can also log in and sign up through the menu at the top of the website (on any other page using a smart device)

Menu Buttons
Features Guide.png

Once you are logged in, before you can use the help finder you must first set your name, contact details and address. this can be done by using the profile menu on the top left corner of the screen.

Farm Help Finder Profile Picture
Farm Help Finder Profile Menu

Your address will be shown on the help finder as a little blue house.

Farm Help Finder Home Marker

Once you have completed these first steps, you can now use the help finder!

Creating Your New Post

First, make sure you are logged in and have set your name, address and contact details.

To make a post, open the new post menu by clicking the new post button.

The new post menu will take you through the step by step process of creating your post! First, it will ask what you are looking for, either Work or Workers.

Next, you can optionally select up to three categories associated with the post. if you do not select any categories, "Any" will be automatically selected. It is recommended for people looking for workers to select relevant tags. you can suggest new tags to be included in the forum if no tags fit your work.

Creating a new post on the farm help finder

By clicking next, you will be taken to the details section, where you can fill out your posts title, and the details of your post. Additional details are optional but reccomended.

New Post Details.PNG

Once done, clicking next again will bring you to the review section where you can review the post you are creating. if everything looks good, go ahead and submit your post!

New Post Review.PNG

Your post will be searchable to all on the help finder within seconds.

NOTE: you can only have 1 "Looking for work" post at a time.

Editing Your Post

You can edit and delete your post at any time. To do this, click the My Posts button to visit the My Posts menu. Select the post you want to edit, click edit and then you will be brought to the edit post menu. 

Farm Help Finder My Posts Menu
My Post - Farm Help Finder
Farm Help Finder Edit Post

Editing a post is similar to creating a new post, only all of the details are already loaded, and you can change all of them apart from whether you are looking for work or workers.

If you click the delete button, you must confirm it by clicking the button again before your post will be deleted.

This section covers everything about manually searching through posts and using our search tool.

Looking for posts on the map

As long as you are logged in, you can check out other user's posts directly from the help finder map. 

Simply zoom in until the heatmaps turn into solid dots, then click on them to bring up the post's tags, title and a link to bring up the full post.

A post on the farm help finder
Clicked on zoomed in post on the farm help finder
Post Opened from the farm help finder map
Searching Tool (DISABLED)

If this is your first time using the search tool, you will be required to input some information before proceeding.

The searching tool takes what you are looking for, the categories you are looking for, and the maximum distance of your search.

Farm Help Finder Search Settings
Editting search settings for the farm help finder

The searching tool will then use that information to search all other posts according to your criteria, before displaying the closest of these posts on the map as green search result markers.

Search Results (DISABLED)

You can access your search results directly from the map by clicking on the search result markers, or by going directly to the search results menu.

Farm Help Finder Search Result Marker
Farm Help Finder Search Results Menu
Farm Help Finder Search Result Marker Popup
Farm Help Finder Opened Search Result

Sending an offer is the way our help finder provides you to get into contact with others directly without having to give out your sensitive information.

Sending Offers

You can send an offer to the owner of a post straight from their post, either from:

  • The post directly, or

  • Through search results.

offers are customisable, automatically containing your profile picture, name, contact details and approximate distance away. You must give your offer a title, and optionally (recommended) you can add more to your message in the "Additional Information" section.

NOTE: You can only send an offer IF you have set your details in the profile menu. Check the Getting Started section for more information.

Farm Help Finder Sending An Offer

Once you are happy with your offer, you can send it off and the recipient will be notified.

Accepting Offers

You can view your offers in the "My Offers" menu.

Accepting an offer is as simple as clicking the accept button, which will then remove the offer and create an "Active Work" session with you and the other party, which you can access in the "My Work" menu.

Farm Help Finder Received Offer

This is the tool we have developed to give direct contact between employer and employee, to discuss the work involved and other details.

Alternatively, you can use the given contact information displayed here to get into contact that way, although it is recommended to at least leave a record on the Active Work session.

Accessing Active Work

Your Active Work can be accessed through the "My Work" menu, and selecting the Active Work session from there.

Farm Help Finder My Work Menu
Using Active Work

An active work session contains many elements, including the names and contact information of both prospective workers and employers.

Using the chat box in the chat section, you can discuss the terms of employment.


Employers can set the Address, date and time of the work, and approximate end time. Additionally, an end date can be added if the work is for more than a single day.

Once the employer has saved those details, a message will be sent to the chat, and those details will be displayed for the worker to see.

Afterwards, if the worker is happy with the discussed terms, he can accept the job, or discuss the work further. the employer can edit details at any time.

Farm Help Finder Active Work Edit Info
Farm Help Finder Active Work Chat
Farm Help Finder Active Work Details


  • The worker cannot cancel the job after accepting the job.

  • The job details can be changed at any time by the employer, and it is up to the worker to accept them.