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Our goal is to make your life easier.

Farm help finder is a free online platform designed to help farmers find temporary workers, and workers find temporary jobs within Australia. 


The help finder uses a map and direct, person-to-person communication to help our users find what they are looking for as quickly as possible.


What it does

Through mapping, the farm help finder allows our users to locate farm work and farm helpers in their local area quickly and efficiently.

Using our help finder, users can post the work they want to be done or the work they intend to do directly on the map. In this way, others can find them on the map, and send temporary work offers.

You can post all kinds of farm work on the help finder, whether you are or need a: machinery operator, sheep shearer, or need odd jobs done, so long as it's related to farming.

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How it works

The help finder is designed to help you from start to finish without revealing your personal information.

Offers can be sent directly to the owner of a post and if accepted, the work can be arranged directly.

Both parties will then be able to communicate directly and plan out the jobs finer details. Fast, easy, and private!

Why use our farm help finder?

All-in-1 system

we provide you with everything you need to organise your temporary farm jobs

No Fees

We won't touch your hard earned money.

Community Driven

 No needless and annoying third party interference and regulations.


Unlike some recruitment agencies, we don’t take large percentages of your wage, and there are no fees when using our service.

The farm help finder is FREE to use!

How to start

The first step to joining 190+ Farmers Forum members and gain access to our Farm Help Finder is to -

Then, you can head on over to the Farm Help Finder and make a post.

Frequently Asked Questions

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