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Farmers Forum


Farmers Forum was made to be the answer to questions like: "Where can I go to find farm work?" and "How do I look for workers for my farm?".

We aim to provide the agricultural community with a centralized solution to those problems with our Help Finder.

Our Goals


To Make the finding process simple & easy


To Grow an industry of Freelance Farmers


To Create and make it easier for the new generation to learn from the last


To make hard yakka a little less hard

Ultimately Farmers Forum's aim is to help Aussie Agriculture Thrive!

About Our Help Finder

Our answer to questions like "how to find farm work" and "where to get workers" is our Help Finder; An Interactive map that serves as a jobs notice board. 

The Help Finder works by taking your Job post, whether it be looking for workers or looking for work, and posting it to the Its map. Interested people will then make you an offer, and you need only to accept to be put into direct contact!

The aim is to make both finding workers and freelance farming Easy!

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You can try the Help Finder Here

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