About Farmers Forum

Farmers Forum is a New online platform, dedicated to providing Aussie Farmers with the means to communicate and make their lives easier with our online services.

It Started as a Project that I have been working on since the last round of Bush fires. I thought it would help provide assistance to those affected by making it easier to get into contact with other farmers, and find community driven ways to get back on their feet - Farmers looking out for Farmers.


Given the current situation, I decided to open the site up to the public, Hoping to help with harvest. 

Farmers Forum's Services Include:

The Farm Help Finder -​ The Online Interactive map for Farmers Looking for Help, and Workers looking for farm work.

  • Post your need for Work or Help on our Help Finder Map

  • Secure Private Information - the User has control over who see's their Private Information.

  • Quick by design - Search for other users by pressing a single button. 

  • An Alternative to often expensive recruitment agency fee's.

  • Grows with its users - the More Farmers who use it, the better the service becomes.

And the Forum - A place for farmers to converse amongst each other Australia wide!

Farmers Forum was made to help make life easier by easing at least some of the burden farmers are under; specially with bush fires, Massive sweeping Drought and more recently with Covid-19.

It is our goal to become a one stop website containing all the information Aussie Farmers could ever need, and provide much needed online services and resources without the expensive price tag.


From Farmers Forum.