About Farmers Forum

Farmers forum is a new online platform, dedicated solely to Aussie farmers wishing to communicate, connect and discuss Agriculture or anything else they may be interested in, with other farmers.

Currently, Farmers Forum has two features: 

Help Finder-  A Free Tool, For Farmers needing Workers and Workers looking for farm work. The more Farmers that use the Help Finder, The better it works! Learn how to use it Here

The Forum - For the Aussie Farmer to Discuss Agriculture, machinery, D.I.Y projects, current events and more!

It is my goal to eventually see Farmers Forum become a one stop website containing all the information Australian farmers could ever need, as well as the Go-To website for Australian farmers to communicate with each other and find Work or Workers!

Welcome to Farmers Forum!

I hope you enjoy your stay

- Adrian Hankin.

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