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About Farmers Forum

The New Australian Online Farming Forum, Dedicated To Providing Resources To Aussie Farmers, And Growing Our Great Agricultural Communities!

Farmers Forum was originally made as a way to help Aussie Farmers effected by Terrible Circumstances, to Quickly and easily contact other Farmers who could help improve their situations, by providing temporary shelter and work, if they had any going.

        Work on Farmers Forum Started as a small project, slowly developing until the 2019 bush fires, when creation of our Help Finder started. Since then, I have spent over 1000 hours Learning, Researching, and developing Farmers Forum and its Help Finder.

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It is the Goal of Farmers Forum to become Australia's One Stop Online Agricultural Communications and Information website! We will Achieve this by:

  • Making your communications easier.

  • Community Building.

  • Making Your life easier through Free Online Agriculture Services.

  • Advancing Australian Agriculture through -

    • Information Sharing.​

    • Researching Ag Techniques.

    • Improving Ag Methods.

        I personally know how much Hard Yakka goes into Farming, so the ultimate goal of Farmers Forum is to help you get on with it, without extra stress. 

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About Farm Help Finder

The Farm Help Finder is our solution to the Dilemma that hurts a lot of our Agricultural industry: Finding Workers.

        Farm Help Finder is the Free Online Interactive Map Service that we offer our users: which can be used to Find Work Or Help for your Farm, from others nearby.

        You Simply post your Work or Help requests to our Help Finder, and either wait for an offer via Email Notification, or Send offers to other people similarly searching for Work or Help!


The Help Finder Map shows Looking For Work (blue) and Looking For Help (green-to-red)

Note: Picture taken during Testing.

The Idea to make the Farm Help Finder came about in High School after having learned about people I knew from when I was growing up, Finding work on farms nearby the ones I grew up on, having to pay Job-Search/Recruitment Agencies a sizable percentage of their Yearly wage for a few years. While I did understand that Everyone has mouths to feed, It felt to me like kicking a bloke while he was down, and so I thought "What could someone do about this?" and came up with the idea of the Help Finder. It wasn't until the 2019 Bush Fires that I Remembered my idea from years ago, and while thinking "That would be handy", I started Researching, Learning and Creating the Farm Help Finder.

        The Farm Help Finder will Always be free to use for all Aussie Farmers, and people Looking for work. If you Like Farmers Forum, the Farm Help Finder or would just Like to contribute, You can donate to us. Donations will be used to Improve Farmers Forum and continue creating free resources for all Aussie Farmers!

I Want to See the Help Finder Become a Large source of employment within Rural Australia, as well as a Farming Community builder, Linking You with nearby people you otherwise might never have met!

Need Workers? Want Work?

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