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Farmers Forum


Farmers Forum was made to be the central website for organising work & workers for farms Australia wide, making Agricultural contracting & freelancing easier to organise for all.

We aim to empower locals to find work of all kinds and durations from farmers that want that help, strengthening your local communities!

How It Started

The 2019 bushfires changed the lives of a lot of farmers, spurring news coverage and fundraising efforts worldwide.

Having grown up on farms and around farmers, I knew that a majority of them would work their fingers to the bone to get back on their feet had the same happened to them, So I decided to make Farmers Forum in an effort to help in the future.

Bush Fire

Our Goals


To make the work and help finding process simple & easy


To Grow an industry of Freelance Farmers


To make it easier for the new generation to learn from the last


To Grow & Strengthen local communities

Ultimately Farmers Forum's aim is to help Aussie Agriculture Thrive!

About Our Help Finder

The Farm Help Finder is our tool built to make organising work and workers for farms, quick and easy.

Using a map to display posts, the help finder works by taking your availability to work and work you need to be done, in the form of a post. Others can then browse, search for, and respond to your post all on the help finder!

It is made with all kinds of work in mind, whether they be day long jobs, mechanical callout jobs, weeks/month long jobs or permanent positions, all farming related jobs can be posted!

Making a new post using the farm help finder

New Post menu on the help finder. You can use our Help Finder Here

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