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About Farmers Forum

Australia's Ambitious New Farming Hub Notice Board

Farmers Forum is an ambitious Australian made and owned website, Aimed at providing Aussie Farmers the means to talk with each other Australia wide with our online forum, and organise Work/Help for their farming needs with our Farm Help Finder.

Originally starting as a project to help people effected by the 2019 bushfires get back on their feet, Farmers Forum has gradually evolved into a platform which links those looking for work with farmers needing Help with their endeavours, whether only for a few hours of work or even a few months are wanted.

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We aim to make the Hard Yakka that comes with being a Farmer a little less stressful with both our Forum and Farm Help Finder.

We want our forum to be THE place for Aussie farmers to go to learn from, chat, and thrive with other like minded farmers.

We want our Help Finder to become a source of employment itself, spawning a new generation of Freelance farmers taking odd jobs, and enabling farmers with a bit of time on their hands to earn an extra income helping out his local community.

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About Our Help Finder

The Farm Help Finder is a free online Interactive map, which can be used to quickly post whenever farm help is needed, or work is wanted.

It works by taking a work or help request, and posts it to the map for others to see and search for, so you can easily and quickly find what you are looking for!

It is our goal that our help finder will become the go to platform for all categories of temporary farm work, whether it be for sheep sheering, Harvest work or even putting up the odd grain silo! 


The Help Finder Map shows Looking For Work (blue) and Looking For Help (green-to-red)

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ABN: 26 259 814 462


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