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Our Help Finder allows you to connect with locals looking for work, and farmers with jobs that need doing! 

It can be used to search for:

  • Tractor Driving,

  • Shearing,

  • Fruit & Vegetable Picking,

  • Stock Work,

  • Construction,

  • Maintenance/Repairs,

  • Sowing & Planting,

  • Transport,

  • And much more.

All kinds of farm work, for any length of time!

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Simple and Easy to use design ensures your posts are up fast!


Post your request and Immediately become Visible to all others looking for work or help on the farm!

The searching process is Simple, and you can go about your business as you wait for offers to find you!

You control who knows your information!

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Unlike modern public methods of looking for work & help, our help finder will only show no private information like contact details.

You can feel secure knowing third parties like call centers can't easily access your data. We don't give away or sell our users information!


Search for opportunities closest to you!

Searching with our Help Finder always shows the opportunities you want, available closest to you.

No matter what you do, Whether you're a call our mechanic servicing 200kms around you, or if you have odd jobs and are trying to find help for a day. As long as it's posted, you will find it!

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